This is pretty cool.

h.ear.t | tobiash.ear.t | tobias wrote the following post Sun, 22 Apr 2018 15:36:04 -0400
Field Recordings: A brook and lots of frogs
Some nights ago I noticed that we could hear loads of frogs through our opened balcony door. Imagine, they are about 1km away. :) So today I grabbed my binaural mics and the recording device.

Headphones are mandatory in order to experience the full 360° soundscape. Remember the artificial head recordings from the 70s? That's it.

This is the recording of a brook which sounded really nice. It is being lead through a pipe underneath the path, coming from the left (higher patter) and leaving the pipe on the right (lower patter). All above that you have got the sounds of an early spring forest.

And then the frogs. You could hardly hear anything else, and today they were really wild. My beloved also saw two grass snakes. I have never ever heard this many frogs in one place before.