Shut up about GDPR

Enough with this GDPR crap. If your name isn’t Mark Zuckerberg and/or you aren’t collecting and selling anyone’s data, then for the love of all that is holy, please stop worrying about whether or not your personal server is GDPR “compliant.” Who the hell cares? If you’re ethically and morally doing the right thing, any bureaucrat who has a problem can kindly go stuff it.

I’m frankly getting tired of getting spammed with “updated” privacy policies and every website popping up some crap about cookies. If you feel the need to show me a cookie acknowledgement overlay, *then you probably shouldn’t be doing whatever it is you’re doing.*
I don't feel comfortable commenting on this because I don't see a link in your post to a policy about how you will use my comment data, including the metadata, such as the time and IP address associated with it. This post is not compliant.
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US cell carriers are selling access to your real-time phone location data
The company embroiled in a privacy row has "direct connections" to all major US wireless carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint -- and Canadian cell networks, too.
Sinclair computer designer dies
Rick Dickinson, who drew up designs for Sinclair computers in the early 1980s, has died in the US.
Taking SimCity to the extreme


Magnasanti: The Largest and Most Terrifying SimCity
This picture may appear to be a collection of color fields without meaning or purpose, but there is a ton of math and evil genius behind this image. This is a view of Magnasanti, the metropolis tha…
Bringing people back to the open web - Chris Hardie
The average Internet user isn't aware of (or doesn't care) about the principles of an "open web" in those terms. It's up to developers, designers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders to create a version of the open web that also happens to be the best version of the web.
Instead, it's up to the developers, designers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders to create a version of the open web that also happens to be the best version of the web.

There is something about this that rubs me the wrong way. Designers and developers are not enough, because they build software but don't have time or resources to promote and support the usage of that software. Entrepreneurs and "technology leaders" are then left to make this open web a reality for the masses, but who are these people supposed to be? What is their motivation? If it is personal profit, how do you make that congruent with free and open source platforms? If it is not personal profit, what institutions do these people support and how are they funded? These are the questions that really need to be answered.
Good questions.

If it is personal profit, how do you make that congruent with free and open source platforms?

I guess I would point to Automattic as a workable example of this. Of course, I don't know if that same model can be duplicated for something like Hubzilla but it certainly would be nice.
There are definitely examples of FOSS success stories out there. Linux. Mozilla. Wordpress. Nextcloud. I think I'm being harsh about the article because over the years it has become clear to me that the big issues around software freedom (which is really just another facet of "liberty") are fundamentally no different than many other important problems that need solving. Most people come at this naturally from a perspective of software as a consumer product that is selected off the shelf by consumers based on its appeal and, by assumption, its merit. While this capitalist approach has generated many positive things in terms of wealth and comfort and innovations in our world, it has numerous downsides too. My point is that, instead of framing the issue of software freedom and the "open web" in terms of this system in which it will more often than not lose to "the competition", we should discuss what kind of institutions we want to foster as a society in order to make thriving, ubiquitous FOSS a reality. If we cannot articulate what needs to change about our culture and institutions to allow FOSS to flourish, then we will have to hope that the current trajectory will somehow work in the long term. Personally I'm not holding my breath.

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Image/photo Image/photo


A fantastic performance.

#Puccini #Tosca #MetOpera
This is pretty cool.

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Field Recordings: A brook and lots of frogs
Some nights ago I noticed that we could hear loads of frogs through our opened balcony door. Imagine, they are about 1km away. :) So today I grabbed my binaural mics and the recording device.

Headphones are mandatory in order to experience the full 360° soundscape. Remember the artificial head recordings from the 70s? That's it.

This is the recording of a brook which sounded really nice. It is being lead through a pipe underneath the path, coming from the left (higher patter) and leaving the pipe on the right (lower patter). All above that you have got the sounds of an early spring forest.

And then the frogs. You could hardly hear anything else, and today they were really wild. My beloved also saw two grass snakes. I have never ever heard this many frogs in one place before.
I am unable to reply to the original thread about the cert error but I see an error as well when visiting uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for


!Hubzilla Support Forum
I tried "refresh permissions" which didn't change anything.
@Brian Christensen
Please re-check, added cert and redirect for https.
Works perfectly now.
Constantly getting logged out

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!Hubzilla Support Forum

I seem to get regularly logged out of my instance for no apparent reason, particularly when I visit another hub (i.e. every time I visit the Hubzilla Support Forum I find myself logged out when I return to my own hub). But it doesn't seem to be limited to this, sometimes I just randomly get knocked out even when I stay on my own server.

Checking off "remember me" seems to have no effect. Is there an Apache or PHP related configuration regarding cookies and/or sessions that I should be looking at?
do you use some firefox-chrome plugin for block coockies?
Good call. Looks like Ghostery is the culprit. Marking my own hub as "trusted" along with others I visit seems to resolve this issue. Don't know why I didn't think to look at that. Thanks for the tip!
I don't think I've ever seen a soprano trombone before. This is great:

Wycliffe Gordon plays SWING THAT MUSIC at CancerBlows 2015
by Ryan Anthony Trumpet on YouTube

 Music  Jazz
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 Music  Jazz
Disabling public comments

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Is there any way to restrict commenting on public posts to only authenticated users? I can't seem to find any configuration for this.
Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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There's a bug involved. On the short term I recommend site admins execute

% util/config system.anonymous_comments 0

however some newly created channels may have ended up with anonymous permission enabled which shouldn't have been. We're working on a fix to turn them back off.
Hubzilla instance activated

Trying out Hubzilla.
Welcome to the world of interconnected hubs. :)
Thank you, it's good to be here.